Benefits of Computer Disposal

Your computer, like other digital goods such as printers, televisions, and mobile phones etc., contains dangerous metals such as beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, silver, gold, and platinum. However, what will you do when you purchase a new computer and do not require the old one? The simple route is to dump it in the trash bin. However, are you aware of the dangers you are posing to the environment with this act? The trash truck will pick up the contents of your trashcan and dump it along with the waste collected from other homes into landfills. It is wrong to throw your old computer in the trash. The metals in its circuit board and other components and non biodegradable. Over time, these metals will leech into the ground, polluting it in the process. There is also the possibility that some of these substances will leech into the groundwater supply.

The dangerous metals break down into toxic chemical compounds, which find their way into grass, plants, and into lakes. Those compounds affect Fishes and other aquatic beings present on that water. Apart from this, the toxic compounds also find its way into cows and other animals that graze grass. The fruits and vegetables growing on plants are poisoned too, when the plants bearing them suck contaminated water from the soil. All of these contaminants, directly (through drinking water) or indirectly (by eating fruits, vegetables, and meat) enter our system. Over a period, they pose a severe health concern. In case you did not know, lead and mercury poisoning is extremely dangerous for the body and can even cause cancer. You and others are endangering the life of millions of people, particularly of the next generation by the apparently simple task of disposing PCs into the trashcan. You can prevent this ecological disaster from taking place and protect the environment as well with proper computer disposal.

Learn more about computer disposal

Check the manual

Go through the manual that came with your computer. All leading brands have a computer disposal scheme in place. You need to call the manufacturer of your computer and request them to arrange for disposal of your old PC. They will send you a heavy duty cardboard box containing a shipping label and return postage. Insert the PC in it and send it to the manufacturers. Individuals who purchased computers from companies that do not have such a pickup system in place can search online for the term computer disposal.' They will find many companies that undertake such tasks. One needs to contact them via phone or via email and request for a pickup. They will take steps necessary to pick your old PC from your place.

Other benefits of proper computer disposal

Companies that take your computer, separate the biodegradable parts from the non biodegradable ones. They recycle the plastic components of the monitor making it fit for manufacturing new cases. Similarly, they sell the metals recycled from the waste to computer manufacturers who use them while manufacturing new electronic components such as circuit boards. You, therefore, contribute in a huge way in keeping the environment free of pollutants and help manufacturers reduce the manufacturing costs of new electronic goods, including new PCs.