Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

I know I've mentioned in the past few blogs how to work with Macs, not just PCs. This blog, however, will be specifically dedicated to shortcuts that you can use for Safari. Now, Safari is an apple product, but you do not need an apple product to run this web browser. Even if you have Windows, you are able to download Safari to your computer and in that case, this blog would be applicable to you, as well.

Most of you probably already know how to use your keyboard to scroll page up and down and left and right - you do this but simply pressing on the arrow key in the direction you want to move the page. You can click the delete key to go to the previous page and shift-delete to go forward. If you press command then click a link, it will open in a new window. If you press command and shift and then click a link it will open a new window behind your current window. Hold option and click a link to download a file. Then if you double click that icon, it will reveal the downloaded file.

Once you have a window open, there are plenty of shortcuts to use. Rather then saying it repeatedly, all of the following commands require you to hold the command button: Command-Awill select all. Command-B will show or hide your favorites bar. Command-C is copy. Command-D adds a bookmark. Command-E use a selection for find. Command-F is to find. Command-G finds next. Command-H hides Safari. Command-J jumps to selection. Command-L opens location. Command-M minimizes window. Command-N opens a new window. Command-O opens a file. Command-P prints. Command-Q quits Safari. Command-R reloads the page. Command-S is to save-as. Command-T shows or hides address toolbar. Command-V pastes. Command-W closes. Command-X cuts. And Command-Z is to undo.

Some common shortcuts that are beneficial include: Command-Option-F which does a Google search. Command-Option-L downloads. And Command-? gets Safari help.

There are, of course, other shortcuts out there that would probably help you out on a day-to-day basis if you are a Safari user, but these are some of the basics that you can use all of the time. Pretty much using the Command button with almost any letter of the alphabet will do something to your Safari browser. So play around and memorize the important ones that you know you'd use pretty commonly.

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