Friday, November 4, 2011

Keyboard Shortcut to Maximize/Minimize Windows

We have gone over a lot of shortcuts before this blog. Many are useful for everyday tasks that make working with computers easier and quicker and more efficient. One shortcut we haven't gone over yet is how maximize and minimize a window you are currently on.

If you're using a computer that has the Windows system, all you have to do to maximize a current window is hold "alt" and the space bar, and press "X." This will make the window you have open currently blow up to take over the entire screen. Now to minimize it and put it the task bar, you can simply, again hold "alt" and the space bar, and press "N." This will cause the primary window you have open to shrink to your task bar.

To  minimize a window with Macs, you just need to hold the command button and press H. Then your window will automatically shrink away from the desktop. However, to maximize the windows, you actually have to set up a shortcut on your computer, which is pretty simple. Go to system  preferences --> Keyboard & Mouse --> Keyboard Shortcuts --> click the plus sign (+) --> Make sure it says "All Applications" in the drop down --> In the menu title type "ZOOM" --> click in the keyboard shortcut area and set the shortcut you want (like command, opt, ctrl Z).

This function is good for weaving in and out of web pages. If you have multiple windows open, you can use the shortcut keys to focus on one particular window, then blow it up to take over your entire computer screen, and once you're done, you can minimize it with ease.