Friday, November 11, 2011

Keyboard Shortcut for Running a Program (Windows only)

Keyboard shortcuts, as you may have realized by now, are real time-savers. They make things so easy to do and get you where you want to go quickly and easily. So here's another one for you! There is a shortcut to run a program on Windows.

I attempted to look up how to do this on Mac but was unable to find any results, so this blog is strictly going to be for Windows users only.

To run a program, just press the Window key (don't hold, just press), press the letter "R" and then type in the name of the program you wish to run. You typically only have to type in the first few letters of it and it will pop up. Once the program that you want shows on the list, then you just select it and that program will open.

It's as easy and simple as that. This is a convenient tool to use if you're unsure of the exact name of the program because a list will show as you begin typing in what it is you're looking for. So even if you don't know the full or exact name, Windows will be able to find it for you.

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