Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keyboard Shortcut for Degree Symbol

There are so many symbols out there that are good to know and easy to use, if you know where to find the shortcuts. Using these shortcuts may even be less frustrating then trying to find them in your word processor to insert into whatever it is you're writing.

If using a computer with Windows, all you have to do to insert a degree symbol is hold "Alt" and press "0-1-7-6" and it should pop right up. ° <-- I just did it. There are a number of other symbols that are just as easy, like to insert the "¡" you hold down "Alt" and press "0-1-6-1."

For Mac users, you just have to hold "shift" and "option" and press "8" and it will show up on whatever it is you're working with. To make a copyright symbol with Mac ©, all you have to do is hold the "option" key and press "6" and that's it.

There are SO many more symbols out there that are actually a lot of fun to use once you know how to. Follow this link and you'll be directed to a whole page of keyboard shortcuts for different symbols that you can use!

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