Recycling Your Computer

After years of service, the computers along with monitors and peripherals you use in your home become obsolete and dysfunctional. Your business too has old computers and related equipment broken beyond repair. Think twice before dumping them in the garbage vat. The garbage collection company will pick up that PC along with other waste materials and dump it in a landfill. The motherboard and other electronic components of your computer contain toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, platinum, mercuric compounds along with silver and gold. These non biodegradable metals, over a period of time mix with other chemical compounds present in the soil to form toxic chemical compounds. Over time, these toxic salts find their way into the soil and into ponds located near the landfill. This contaminates the water of the pond as well as the soil. Fishes and other aquatic beings consume this poison when they drink the polluted water. Apart from this, the contaminants also find their way into grass and plants in the vicinity, poisoning the fruits and vegetables growing on the plants and poisoning animals that graze on the poisoned grass. Are you aware of the consequences when you eat fruits and vegetables contaminated with those toxic chemicals or consume poisoned meat?

Protect the environment

These chemicals also damage the environment. By dumping your PC in the waste vat, you are indirectly endangering your health of your family members as well as that of other families as well. Multiply this scenario by thousands of times and you can realize the grave danger the PCs can cause. If you had purchased your computer from a popular brand, you can contact them and request them to help dispose your old PC. However, what can you do if you have an assembled computer or one manufactured by a company that does not have a disposal system in place? Your best option is to get in touch with professional and reputable computer recyclers to dispose off your old computer safely.

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Take a wise decision

Search online for computer recyclers. You will find many companies that undertake this task. It is important for you to distinguish between a genuine and a fake one. The fake ones typically disassemble your computer and sell the electronic parts to developing nations. This increases the risk of contamination as these nations do not have the wherewithal or technology required to deal with such hazardous wastes. As a result, the digital waste ends up polluting the water and soil of those countries and causes harm by way of pollution to their citizens. Apart from this, such shady companies might extract private data from your computer and use it for illegitimate purposes, such as selling the information to your business rival. Therefore, it is vital that you seek help from reputable computer recyclers to dispose your PC. Legitimate computer recyclers will completely destroy your HDD, remove the motherboards and other non biodegradable parts and recycle them.

Important information

Before handing your PC to any computer recyclers, request them to show the records of what they have done with computers in the past. The record should contain details of the place where the PCs are recycled and to whom the company sells the metals and other parts.